Monday, March 23, 2009

Arming the Walkers

Fianlly I got around to build the weapons for my walkers.

First was a Missile launcher (6 missiles) and a short Gatling gun for the walker in the maintenance scene.

For this I used the standard IG missile form the HW teams, and lengthened it to match the launcher.

The side panel is open, to allow the placement of a mechanic working on it in the scene.

I also drilled open the rear ends of the missiles, looking more like rocket exhausts.
Hte Gatling received an additional magazine on top.
And the barrels have been significantly shortened (compared to the AA-version).

So in the scene, the plot will be leaning towards the mechanic working on the launcher, while another will reload a missile from the back.

Then I built the weapons for the second walker.
This one will be positioned outside of the ZEUS, helping the Kasrkins policing up. He's armed with a twin heavy bolter and a power fist.

Quite an impressive sight, isn't it?
That twin Bolter is quite a big piece of metal.
With two magazines.
Puritiy Seal.

The pose looks very dynamic to me.

And I am really satisfied how the power fist turned out.

You have trouble with my little bro?

And all three ZAPHYROS' together

And two more images of the AA-Walker (now with magazines)


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