Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Walkers

I successfully completed the casting of another two walker bodies (ZAPHIROS) and started to assemble them yesterday.
The walker on the left is in a crouched position, simulating the parking position, and has its hatch open, with a pilot sticking out. I will try to use him for a maintenance or ammo re-loading scene, that will be placed inside the ZEUS' loading bay.
He will be armed with a missile launcher on one side and another Gatling gun on the other side.

This second walker will be positioned outside, together with the Kasrkin troop. I will try to arm him with a twin heavy bolter on one side and hopefully a powerfist on the other. So both have an armament similar to some SM Dreadnoughts.

I really like how his pose turned out.

A detail shot of the battered and damaged walker.

As mentioned yesterday, I also built a crushed Ork watchtower out of cardboard.

I positioned it so that it looks as if the ZEUS just knocked it over. And here I will position the one walker and the Kasrkin troop - policing up any survivors in the trench as well as around the tower.

In this view you can see the position of the ALECTO close support vehicle (armed with an Autocanon, two heavy flamer, and a heavy bolter), the BOREAS walker, and the CHARON bridgelayer.
It also offers a view into the ZEUS' loading bay, where I will try to position the other walker(maintenance scene).


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  1. Very cool, I like the smaller vehicles cruising around the bigger one like they're policing up any small problems that the big tank can't be bothered with right now.