Monday, November 23, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (53)

With the Techpriest completed (sorry, forgot to take an image - I will deliver that tomorrow), I tried to wrap up the forward gallery.
Here you can see the posts for the armour plates. These are lower than the ones at front and rear, only hip height.

For the central section I decided to add another control panel.

Some steampunked scales and levers, keyboard and a screen.

This will postitioned centrally, with the speaking tubes to the left and right.

Since this will cover most of the operator, the Techpriest will no longer be postitioned up there, but will most likely end up on deck.

Now that I have most items for the forward gallery, I have to think about how I will complete the armoured plates without glueing everything in place. The reason is again painting. I will paint all the individual items before I mount them. Still I need to pre-cut and paint the plates before I can mount I have to think a bit about this.

In the meantime I started to look into the small rear gallery, where I want to have a Gatling Close Defense system. Just for the sake of looks and size I set one of the ZAPHIROS walkers on the gallery.

Just one of the Gatlings,

or two Gatlings?

Two look rather cool and efficient.

So I began cutting the pieces for two guns.

The barrels arranged and mounted.

For the actual gun body I cut some disks and then pre-formed a strip of plasticard to wrap around.

Once everything was cured,

I mounted the barrels to the bodies,

and connected the two guns.

Then I began to build the mount and position it for a first look.
Too big, too small, just right?
What do you think?

I completed the small side pieces of the mount

without doing any details yet.

But I think it will work, won't it?

So next will be the ammo drums, sights and detailing.
And then I will see if I add anything else back there, of if I leave the gun by itself.