Friday, November 13, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (47)

The Hydra build continues.
So I cleaned up the barrel mounts with rasp and sand paper.

Then I cut a 1cm wide strip of .5mm plasticard, pre-bent it over a pen, and began to create the curved back of the barrel mounts.

Looks pretty good, but needs some sanding too.

While the curved plastic cured, I started with the turret itself. For this I drew some plans in CorelDraw and printed them, then using a rubber cement (temporary glue) to glue them to the plasticard and cut them.

And very quickly I got this basic turret.

Due to a mis-calculating in the plan there was a small gap in the front that I had to fill with a small stip of plasticard.

Then I did the storage bin for the turret rear (that will also mount my radar antenna - the winged item in the left front)

Again some sanding later, everything looks smooth now and is ready for mounting and detailing.

There's quite some ornamenting and detailing to do, but I think this baby will look nice - and once done, the second one will be even easier.