Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (55)

So with yesterdays discussion in mind, I took the gatling back apart.
Fortunately I was able to do so without breaking anything and now the twin mount is still available for a potential future project :)

With the Mauser BK-27 in mind I drew a breakout sketch of the pieces and started measurements from the existing barrel.

From this I built the gun body that will hold the gatling barrels

Based on this I calculated the size of the side walls,

as well as the central section.

Then I mounted the outer walls - with 3mm spacers to give the walls a total width of 5mm.

Then I used .25mm plasticard to cover the gap.

And a quick assembly (without glue),

to see how it looks :)
With the finished Techpriest for scale.

Eventhough the mount is bigger than initially planned or yesterdays build, I think it fits pretty well.
So tonight I will build the ammo drum and feed, as well as the sights and sensors.