Thursday, November 12, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (46)

As mentioned in my last post, the 2 Hydra turrets are next on the agenda.
This is the sample barrel I built as first step.

Once I was satisfied with it, I cut the pieces for the remaining 7 barrels

Within a matter of about 30 minutes I had the barrels completed to the baseic shape.

Then another 2 hours for the detailing.

Additionally I began cutting the gun mounts itself. As you can see I altered the shape a bit, so that I got the curved backend, matchng the other steampunked items on the ATHENA.

The front plates of the gun mounts consist of 2 pieces.

Then the "walls"

And put together

This is how they will look once the barrels are mounted. But then I realized I need a "left" and a "right" shape....

So I had to give two of the mounts a cut on the rear plate, so it looked identical to the other side.

Well there's going to be a lot of sanding and puttying tonight, in addition to the remaining curved backplate and then I can hopefully begin to detail them.
In the meantime I try to workout some palns for the actual turret, so I can pre-cut most pieces too.