Thursday, November 19, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (51)

Last night I continued with the Techpriest and he received his hood out of ProCreate.

It was the first try, and I think it worked out quite well (sorry, this image is a bit blurry). With the remaining PC I also built the mount for the backpack.

While the PC cured, I looked into the issue with the shrine door and the FDO again.

As you can see, the opened door blocks exactly his position.

So I removed the right wing of the door (left on the image) from its hinges.

and I will add a central hinge, so the door becomes a folding-door.

Maybe you remember the disaster I had with the folding door for the rear structure.
Luckily I kept all the pre-cut pieces.

So I could rather quickly assemble the central hinge.
This is the inside.

The outside, closed.

The door opened and the right wing partially folded.

And the whole door in the final open position.

A first fitting shot on the command island,

with functuality test.


But since the central hinge adds some depth to the door, I had to remove the LED's to make the stained glass window fit - not a great loss, as the LED's didn't work out all that well anyway.
So here is the door now with rivets,

and window mounted.

Now the FDO position is working :)

Then I started to assemble some more speaking tubes for the gallery (6 each) and one for the FDO position.

That's as far as I got lost night.