Monday, November 9, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (43)

Hello, hello,
now that the rear structure is pretty much in place (though far from completed) I decided it was time to implement the first part of the main rudder.

As you can see it is functional too.

Mounted right under the rear deck

It covers the rear rotors pretty nicely

eventhough the whole thing is still flat at the bottom - there will be another piece to it, but as long as I still have so much to build, I will keep it flat, to the main body can rest better on the desk.

In addition I worked on the armour plating for the rear deck, again starting with the support beams,

and then added the plates - similar to the ones on the front deck.

So, why a rear periscope, what's all this for?
Well this rear station serves as an observation post for the bombings - so there will be a down looking sight, at the top of the rudder mechanism. But it also serves as a rear air defense platform, that's why it needs a periscope - so it can operate under fire - in addition to the two AA-guns.
Hopefully it will make some sense in the end.
Additionally I made a list of open items....and it is longer than I expected....there's work for plenty of long, cold winter evenings I suppose. So here it is:
  • Plotting table in the observer room - I will add the 3D landscape here too
  • Crew for observer room - 2 observer with binoculars, 1 operator at table
  • Rear turret for Jump Deck - this will be a ground attack gun, maybe a Vanquisher
  • 2 Side turrets for Jump Deck - these are the small turrets I also use on the ZEUS
  • Hatch for Torpedo Launcher - the second one still needs a hatch for the open tube
  • Rear exit ramp - there's an opening behind the Jump Deck, that was planned as a exit ramp...I have to decide what to do with it
  • 2 rear AA-Guns - that's the two guns for the rear deck with the periscope. A copy of the 2 guns on the front deck
  • Rear Hydra turret - I will build a Hydra to sit behind the command island
  • 4 side engines and finns - the two central wings will receive an casted engine each, and completed with another fin. The master engine is built, so now I need to cast the other 3.
  • Rear balcony on island - this will have a small gatling turret, some signal station, speaking pipes and a crew for it
  • forward and side balcony on island - Observer station with periscopes, signal station, speaking pipes and two machine guns for the right side
  • Forward Hydra turret - another Hydra to sit in front of the island, just before the forward deck starts
  • Ammo lift and crane on main deck - between island and forward Hydra
  • Quick launch ramp at forward end of launch deck - there is an image in one of the IA books
  • Interceptor on quick launch ramp
  • Ammo wagon and crew at the ammo lift
  • Ground Attack aircraft and pilot raised on the main lift
  • lower rudder fin
  • Crew for rear deck - 2 Gunner, 1 Observer, 1 Plotter, 1 Comms, and maybe a Loader
  • Crew for forward deck - 2 Gunner, 1 Crane operator, 1 Officer, 1 Loader
  • Crew for main balcony - 2 MG Gunner, 2 Observer, 1 Signals NCO, some of the allready created officers, Inquisition liaison officer

That's just from the top of my head...knowing me, this list will most likely increase :)