Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (45)

Happy 45th! :)
Wow, 45 posts just for the ATHENA.
In comparison, the ZEUS had "only" 33 for build and painting.

Well, I realized that I still had to add some rivets to the rear deck, so I did these last night.

And then I built the two AA-Autocannons for the rear deck.

Since I had most peices already prepared over the last view days, it was almost like building a kit :)

and I was done rather quick. (In the background you can see the first sample barrel for the Hydra)

Well, one item off the check list :)
Here's a sketch of the main items that need to be done:

As said, I will begin with the two Hydra turrets (I already prepped most pieces for the barrels) and then I will most likely see to the casting of the engines and the fins for them.
Following that will most likely be the balcony stuff - details and fun again.